~Eco-Friendly Products and Good Karma

Gardens bring us pleasure and remind us to care for our planet.

Gardens bring us pleasure and remind us to care for our planet.

Many years ago, I worked on a pro-bono ad campaign for a recycling/reuse program in Los Angeles, before being green was trendy. It became a model for similar programs in other cities, so it was an exciting non-profit for me to work with.  More importantly, it had the effect of awakening a personal realization : that we had alot of waste and toxic stuff in our world.  How can we sustain our growth, and the evolution of humankind if we are destroying our planet?  I realized the necessity for recycling and for buying biodegradable, ecologically-friendly products. If we want to create good karma, sustain a beautiful environment, and have a wonderful planet for the next generation: we need to care for it.

My interest in gardening has also made me realize that as humans, we do have an impact on nature.  Not only do I hear about global warming and toxins on the news more frequently; but on a personal basis, I have a great appreciation for our fragile eco-system.  My little microcosm gives me insight into the bigger picture. So, although I would never think of pouring poisonous chemicals onto my plants, or into my drinking water; and I certainly wouldn’t want this stuff near my dog, or the fish in the oceans….why do we still deny what we’re doing individually?  If each of us can do a small thing everyday to make our planet more sustainable, we absolutely must.

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