About “Everyday Comforts”

The Person Behind Everyday Comforts

The Person Behind Everyday Comforts

If you want to know about the person behind “Everyday Comforts“: her name is Risa. Her name means “laughter.” She loves her dog Max. And she really, really loves good food, good wine, good conversation: and most of all, good music. Though she’s not a hedonist by any means, she’s discovered that collecting beautiful moments and focusing on simple pleasures make life much more bearable.

She began to realize that cultural trends reflect this idea: and that she’s not alone in her quest for simple pleasures! This blog will explore the theme of how to achieve happiness thru everyday enjoyment of life’s little luxuries.

Risa has worked in advertising and marketing for the past twenty years, with the last decade focused on online marketing. She also studied Journalism in college, in hopes of becoming an Arts/Entertainment/Culture reporter. The concept for EverydayComforts.com and this blog arose out of her own personal passions. The inspiration was to do something in online marketing, that was positive, healing, and most of all fun.

Risa set out to create a nice place to share ideas and inspirations on how to make daily life more enjoyable. She found that in her pursuit of a career, she had been miserly and not allowed herself self-indulgences like writing and discovering new things. This blog is one step towards a new journey. To read more on the inspiration for this blog, click here.

The hope is that  EverydayComforts.com will be a fun place to peruse things that provide nourishment and rejuvenation: like hot chocolate, luxury pillows, relaxing music, yoga clothes, self-improvement books, cookbooks, gardening supplies, fragrant soap, and vintage-looking home decor. So stay tuned.

Simply put, “Everyday Comforts” is a labor of love.  Risa invites you to share your ideas and visit as much as you can.

One thought on “About “Everyday Comforts”

  1. Dear Risa,
    I think you’re onto something here! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts in the future. Creating a place to visit that collects all your favorite things in one “store” is a great idea. I too live a hectic, stress-filled life, so any new ideas on keeping it more sane through your simple pleasures idea is a welcome relief. I hope your readers send along their favorite things to share as well, I know I will. Thank you!

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