Collecting Holiday Moments, Away or At Home

Winter Home for the Holidays

Yellowstone Cabin- Courtesy of

I love travelling with my family for the holidays. But I love staying at home too and inviting people over, just as much.  This led me to wonder: what are some of the most memorable photos, the most miraculous moments that you’ve collected with those that you love?  Are they at home or when you’re travelling or are they both?

I was thinking about this recently, when I saw a morning news show interview with a philosopher and filmaker who was talking about inspired living and his study of awe.  Jason Silva has become known recently, for his YouTube video series, called “Shots of Awe.” In one video in particular, he talked about childlike states of wonder.  And I couldn’t help but think about how much we love to travel and experience new things, new places, new possibilities as a way of returning to a more open, childlike state of discovery. Perhaps that’s why it’s nice to go on a vacation for the holidays with family, as you get to experience new things together, and appreciate each other as well as the beauty of life.

In Jason Silva’s video, “Ignite Your Childlike State of Wonder,” I thought this idea regarding inspiration was so apt, especially for the holidays. Haven’t we also sometimes returned to a place we knew in childhood, and seen it differently? Or perhaps went home and appreciated it again, and just walked around and looked up at the stars at night? I think the secret to a happy life may just be in taking that spirit of possiblity and wonder that you might experience as a child or while traveling, and try to experience and appreciate what you have right in front of you, at home.

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