~ Environments of Delight and Home Decor

Living Room Home Decor for Everyday Comforts

Cozy Vintage Chic Living Room, courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com

As long as I can remember, I have been more excited about pillows, candles, home decor, furniture and decorative accessories than shoes and apparel. Where the gender stereotype is that men are obssessed with electronic gadgets and women with stillettos, I’ve always been more apt to spend my paycheck at a Vintage Antique Market than at a Nordstroms at the Mall. There is something special and exciting to me about creating special moments, events, pleasurable environments and atmospheres of delight.

Because of this, my personal passions have spilled over into a belief system about how specific “Home” and “Gift” products can add pleasure to your daily life. I love interior design, cooking, gardening and bath/body products because it’s an extension of my creativity that contributes to my happiness. I can create atmospheres of beauty and pleasure where there was none before; and it serves as a vehicle of both expression and comfort. Because of this I truly do believe that color, smell, taste, and touch are integral aspects of a more pleasurable life.  As such, I’m obsessed with everything “Home.”

Home Decor and Dining for Everyday Comforts

Beachside Dining Ideas, photo courtesy of Coastal Living

Don’t get me wrong: I love to go out on the town and experience everything that my beautiful city has to offer: fine dining, entertainment, live music and recreation. I also love to delve into nature by going to the beach, the park with my dog, and having picnics frequently. I’m a huge proponent of creating memorable experiences and events; and finding fun ways to live life to the fullest.  (In fact, personal strengths related to social event coordination, party planning and team orchestration for experiential activities most definitely led to my career in marketing!) But I feel that this kind of experience-based excitement and pleasure is merely one aspect of  happiness. The other side related to creativity, your environment, and your home life is what I feel is necessary to add to one’s sense of emotional balance, solace and rejuvenation.

I find it interesting to go into home decor/gift retail stores such as Pier 1, Restoration Hardware, Z Gallerie, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Parn for that very reason. It’s always interesting to walk around and see how the colors, scents, and visual objects (including art, decor and furniture)  impact my own and other people’s moods. I like to notice how happy it makes myself and others to be surrounded by beauty and items that bring the promise of pleasure. It’s also interesting to see what current trends are coming out in home decor, as I think it’s an accurate reflection of cultural wants and desires.

It makes me realize that perhaps there really is something to that ancient system called “Feng Shui” that suggests that the exterior can be a mirror of your interior emotional state; and perhaps that old saying is correct… the heart is in the home.

One thought on “~ Environments of Delight and Home Decor

  1. I agree. Living & shopping in an aesthetically pleasing environment is very under-rated with most folks. If you buy stuff in a nicely designed place, you may want your own place to look as nice as that. Same goes with online photo shoots.

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