~ Music is Happiness Food for the Soul

Everyday Comforts: Music is one of life's little pleasures, simple joys and treasures!

Music is truly a simple joy and a source of everyday happiness.

I must admit, I’ve always loved music. Music=Happiness to me. From the time I sang as a young child with my Dad, to my stint as a college DJ: music has provided me with a huge amount of pleasure. I hope to discuss many different senses in this blog, but for the moment I hope to explore my love of music: and how the digital age provides an abundance of discovery and access to pleasure.

I believe music to be the poetry of our modern times, that helps to connect us and share emotional experiences. And it’s also a potent antidote to daily stress.  I have diverse musical tastes and find music exploration to be mentally and creatively expansive.  As such, I have become a bit of an aficionado of social music discovery sites, like Pandora, Last.fm, iLike (and others, like Slacker and MOG)!  I’ve discovered alot of artists I might not have otherwise heard of, through others that have similar eclectic-but-specific tastes.  And I’ve been able to help people discover a few favorite musicians of my own liking! This sharing/social aspect is wonderful.

Recently, I  rediscovered the company that was behind the custom music players on the original social media site, MySpace. The site is of course called Playlist.com . What I love about it, is it’s just like sharing an old “Mixed Tape.” In fact, here’s one of my inspirational playlists that I put together for someone I love, to cheer them up. I found that in putting it together, listening to it AND sharing it, it made me happy too.

Music taps into a particularly emotional part of the brain, and I believe it provides a deep sense of pleasure. Like the sense of smell, it evokes memories and captured moments: as well as aural landscapes in the depths of our imagination. It can change the atmosphere of a room, a mood, our associations with a place. Both lyrics and the music behind it are a very powerful medium: and for these reasons, not only do I love music and derive much happiness from it, but have a profound respect for the alchemy that musicians provide.

As such, music is not only a passion, but an everyday comfort and joy to me that serves to inspire.  It reminds me of life’s possibilities, creativity, and the beauty of humanity. Try adding some music time to your daily schedule and see  how it impacts your happiness!

Click on the “play” button below, to open up a new window and listen yourself. Enjoy!

Everyday Comforts musical inspiration

A "Mixed Tape" for your listening pleasure, comfort and inspiration

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