~ Daily Doses of Happiness and the Happiness Project

Everyday Comforts: Life's Little Pleasures and Treasures

Happiness and Everyday Comforts can sometimes be found in a book. Especially when you're reading it at the beach!

 I’ve recently been reading a great book , called “The Happiness Project,” by Gretchen Rubin.  The book and the happiness project blog have alot of great ideas for how to achieve happiness in modern times.  What’s interesting to me, is the book hits upon many of the themes I’ve been writing about here in my Everyday Comforts blog, and it’s especially relevant with the current economic downturn.  Within its very appeal, it underscores current cultural shifts and how people are thinking about what they need.

I didn’t know about the Happiness Project book or blog , when I started writing my own blog in January, 2009. Is this a case of cultural synchronicity at hand once again? Or is it  just a coincidence that this book was recently on the New York times best seller list?  Hmm, maybe I do have my finger on the pulse of cultural trends, after all! Or maybe I’m just like a lot of other people, seeking joie de vivre in everything I can!

The Happiness Project is recommended by Everyday Comforts

the Happiness Project is an Everyday Comfort that inspires

It’s interesting to me that this umbrella theme of “simple pleasures” and how to attain happiness is resonating so much with other people, right now. But this book is truly a beacon, and sheds light on the subject. However what I particularly like about the book is that it not only combines historical and literary thinking from great philosophers and scientists: but it also has some meaty modern applications. It’s practical. And it helps to underscore that developing happiness is a true discipline: it’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised daily.

It covers how money can indeed “buy” happiness: if it’s spent in the right way, that truly brings individual joy. It discusses areas as widespread as personal care, altruism, community, spirituality, friends and relationships, marriage, family, organization, creativity, work and even play. I highly recommend this book: and hope to use it as a guidepost in my own quest! I think it provides an outstanding and accessible structure for personal growth, and getting more positivity into your life. And it’s certainly spurred me to think about a variety of other areas to ponder upon.
Happiness Project

Although I’ve put this blog on hold for sometime, due to a recent death in my family: this book helps to remind me that life is indeed precious. Even emerging from my own grief, I realize that I and others have tools such as this highly accessible book to maximize our enjoyment in life. I truly think the “Happiness Project” book and blog provide a great resource, at our fingertips!

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